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Managed Accounts


About Managed Accounts

Managed account is a fee-based premium in-house advertising service available for every UK business.

Having a Managed account at Outlived Classifieds means that we will create you an account with us and Advertise your services, events or goods on your behalf at Outlived Classifieds.

All we ask from you is just to explain us where can we get the information and what to advertise. After providing this information – you can return to your daily activities with a peaceful mind.




30-Day Free Trial
1 Company
1 Website
1-10 Listings
0 Featured Ads
Telephone Support
per month
30-Day Free Trial
1-2 Companies
1-2 Websites
1-50 Listings
1 Featured Ad
Telephone Support
per month
30-Day Free Trial
1-5 Companies
1-5 Websites
1-700 Listings
5 Featured Ads
Personal Manager
per month

Test drive Managed Account at Outlived Classifieds absolutely free for 30 days. No commitments.