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About Outlived

Outlived classifieds is the main business project of Media Tower Limited and mostly is created, maintained and promoted by Helmuts Meskonis.

So, my name is Helmuts, originally I am from Latvia, have been living in the UK since 2009, married and have 4 daughters, a dog and a cat :)

Me, my wife and our kids


The roots of Outlived started growing in January, 2011 when I was renting a desk space at Medway Innovation Centre, UK and actually was born as VirginAds.

Innovation Centre Medway

and here is my humble desk space I was sharing with all my stuff (incl. 5 offline servers):

My desk space at Medway Innovation centre

After deep and constructive conversations with the business advisor that was provided at the innovation centre free of charge (huge thank you to Medway council) I made a decision to rebrand it and already in the November of the same year (2011) bought 2 domains outlived.co.uk and out-lived.co.uk and gradually moved all the content over to them.

The process of migration was very painful as gradually I lost #2 ranking on Google after my main keyword “UK classifieds” but it was worth it for whole 100% as there is no real future for a website that isn’t brandable.

In April 2012 I set up a home office and started working from home. It was an interesting change (not voluntary though) as by doing that I could spend much more time with my daughters and wife, as no person can do that while working in average 15 hours in the office.

So, then my 1st home office was set up:

and the home office was set up :)

… will be updated.

My table

.. more text will follow..

Avoid Scams & Fraud

  • Outlived Classsifieds doesn’t offer safe payments, buyer protection, or any middle-man services.
  • Before buying a service - check the company details in Companies House.
  • Do not accept cashier's checks under no circumstances.
  • Pay for goods or services in person and in cash.
  • Meet in a public place, bring a friend with you or let someone know where you're going.
  • Don't deal with sellers promising to send pets from abroad. The pets don't exist!