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About Helmuts Meskonis


Time to Update Your Website?


Time to Update Your Website?

Are you are looking for a new website or a re-design? Manage your own site – make updates or change the site instantly & easily […]

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Web Design in Maidstone


Web Design in Maidstone

Hi. My name is Helmuts and I am UK registered business website web designer. Based in Maidstone, Kent, I offer web design, website development, search engine optimisation […]

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DesignerTiles (dot) co.uk

DesignerTiles(dot)co.uk is available for rent for £50 per calendar month. How catchy is your domain name and what does it say about your business? Regards, […]

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1seo (dot) co.uk

1seo(dot)co.uk is a professional SEO services defining domain name that is available for rent for £50 per calendar month. What does your domain name say […]

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VirtualCourt (dot) co.uk / uk

VirtualCourt (dot) co.uk is the best possible, most credible and at the moment available internet domain if you are providing virtual court services in the […]

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emiss (dot) co.uk

emiss(dot)co.uk is available for rent for £50 per calendar month. What does your domain name say about you? Regards, Helmuts Meskonis Media Tower Limited Tel: […]

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Welling (dot) co.uk

Welling (dot) co.uk is available for rent for £350 per calendar month. What does your domain name say about you and about your business? Regards, […]

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IM parner needed from Japan

Good afternoon, I am looking for a possible business partner for 1 of my projects http://escortintokyo.com that offers free advertising platform for Japanese escorts. Looking […]

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DesignerTiles (dot) co.uk

DesignerTimes(dot)co.uk is a tile industry defining domain name that is available for rent for £150 per calendar month. What does your domain name say about […]

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GrowYourBrand (dot) co.uk

GrowYourBrand(dot)co.uk is a professional marketing services defining domain name that is available for rent for £45 per calendar month or £510 per calendar year. How […]

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Live Chat removed

Outlived News May 23, 2014


hello, hello, this is Helmuts..

This is a new type format I am trying out to inform you guys (and ladies) about the changes at Outlived classifieds. Continue reading …

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We are changing into UK ads platform only

Outlived News April 21, 2014

Good morning,

Starting from this Monday – we will accept and approve only the UK ads. The only exception will be real estate

What does it mean? Continue reading …

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Another major advertiser deleted

Outlived News March 28, 2014

This is a quick update regarding 647 ads that have disappeared.

In short – this action was taken as the advertiser didn’t want to accept the rules that regional information has to be filled properly (you can’t mix, for example, region: London, city: Leeds and country: Belgium).

All these measures are taken in order not to have misleading and low quality ads (mostly submitted with a help of some automated software).

Have a great weekend,

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Mega advertiser deleted

Outlived News March 18, 2014

Good morning,

This morning (March 18th, 2014) I have deleted a major advertiser of electronic goods from China along with almost 500 ads of theirs.

The reason – thy have been constantly posting ads with partly misleading regional information.

Have a great day,

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Testing autotweet function

Outlived News March 9, 2014

Please ignore this post.. This post has been created for 1 reason only – to test my “WP to Twitter” setup. Continue reading …

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Best practices to post ads

Outlived News February 23, 2014

Good evening,

Today instead of writing a blog post – you will see a short video (as a part of an experiment) where I explain what are the best practices to follow while posting online ads on Outlived and other classifieds. Continue reading …

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Good-bye Hostgator

Outlived News February 5, 2014

Finally I can confirm that Outlived has found a new completely detached UK based manor house :) yes >> a powerful, fast and reliable dedicated server that I rent at RapidSwitch.

our server details on Feb-05-2014

Continue reading …

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Classes and Tuition moved under Services

Outlived News January 27, 2014

Good morning,

This is a quick informative update. This morning, Monday January 27th 2014, I have moved the category “Classes and Tuition” from “Community” to “Services”. The reason behind this decision was that many of advertisers couldn’t find it as naturally were looking for a matching category under “Services”.

Have a great Monday,


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A decission not to approve ads with misleading contact information

Outlived News January 18, 2014

Good morning,

Ok, this is a quick update on one of my latest discoveries and the decision not to approve ads where some contact information doesn’t match.

Have a look on this screenshot and tell me what do you see:

Advertisement with not matching contact details Continue reading …

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From today on – no loans ads will get approved

Outlived News January 9, 2014

Good evening,

From today, January 9th, 2014, I will not approve any loans ads, for example: payday loans, unsecured loans, personal loans, sms loans and similar). Continue reading …

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